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Cyanisok Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Approved' started by Cyanisokalt, Dec 10, 2020.

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  1. Cyanisokalt

    Cyanisokalt New Member

    Dec 10, 2020
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    Punishment Appeals

    What is your IGN?

    When were you punished?
    Around 6 months ago

    Who by?

    What offence did you commit?
    I believe it was Advertising

    Why should we accept your appeal?
    Apart from me being close if not exceeding the date of the ban, I have left the server I was connected to. This was enough for several other people of note to be unbanned/unwarned.

    On another note, i never actually advertised the server in any way, i was banned due to my connection to the owner of the server and because i said i planned on playing on it however i am no longer in contact with that server or its owner and wish to return to Differentcraft.
    Additional comments.
    I was an active person of the community and was a helper, not sure if that means anything lol. If I am unbanned, I plan on being somewhat active. That's all, thanks for reading!
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  2. Shyroz

    Shyroz King of Jonia.

    Jul 23, 2019
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    User unbanned by Jordan.

    Appeal accepted.
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