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EcoShop - Lowest Prices !

Discussion in 'Marketplace & Player Services' started by AdamSPA, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. AdamSPA

    AdamSPA Mayor of EcoCity, King of EcoNation
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    Sep 29, 2017
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    Hello Differentcrafters !
    Lots of people buy materials at shops (such as /warp market or big town malls). And everybody wants to save money. You probably often search where you can buy items for lowest prices. Well that is what is EcoShop for ! I own a shop where I currently sell wood, saplings, leaves, most of building blocks and minerals (diamonds, iron, etc.) for LOWEST prices on the whole server. I checked prices of everything that I sell in /warp market and in the biggest town malls (Halifax, Russia, Balloon, Athenia). And I made the prices in my shop lower. I am planning to sell concrete, glass and wool too. I don't own this shop for profit. I want people to save money and buy things at my shop. If you see a price that is higher than somewhere else, don't hesitate and mail me now ! I will lower it as soon as possible.

    Do /t spawn EcoCity now and go shopping for the best prices ! EcoShop is right next to the Town Hall.

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