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Discussion in 'Everything Towny!' started by Drea, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Drea

    Drea Queen of DifferentCraft
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    Aug 25, 2017
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    Hello everyone, Drea here. I am currently the Mayor
    of the town called Falador. Older players may recognize
    it as old Infinity, another town that I have owned while
    playing on this server. I am here to announce that I will
    be opening the town to potential residents.


    I have been working quite hard on restoring the town
    as it was treated badly by vengeful players after it had
    fallen a while back. Many plots have been cleared and
    are open, but as you can see I do have some pre-built
    homes that are ready to be moved into. Every new
    will receive one plot completely free upon
    joining, each additional plot will cost 1k which goes
    directly towards town upkeep. Speaking of money..
    There is absolutely no taxes! This goes for residents
    and also towns who join the Andromeda nation!


    Falador also offers some farms such as a semi-automatic
    sugarcane farm and skull mountain, which includes a
    zombie and skeleton XP grinder open for residential use. More
    farms will be added within the next coming months along with
    Falador mall, which is currently finishing construction.

    Another thing that is not only for residents but for every
    player, at /t spawn Falador there is nether and end portals
    that are available to the public. Just turn around when you
    teleport to the town and enjoy!

    If you are interested in joining Falador, please contact
    me [DeaViola] in game, website or discord so we can get
    you set up and ready to start moving!

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