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Player Reports Format

Discussion in 'Report a Player' started by Jordan, Aug 16, 2017.

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  1. Jordan

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    Jul 30, 2017
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    Player Report

    If you’ve witnessed something punishable, you can report it here. Please don’t make multiple reports on the same offence, and don’t upload reports on players who staff have already dealt with in game. This is mainly for people to report things that staff have directed them to, or for when no staff were online.

    Please copy and paste the below format into your own thread and provide all the answers. If we end up having to look into things, the more information the better!

    What is your IGN?
    Tell us your in-game name, and please ensure it’s correct.

    What is the offender's IGN?
    Tell us their in-game name, and please ensure it’s correct.

    What rule was broken?
    Tell us what rules the offender broke.

    Around what time did it take place?
    Give us an approximate time in case the logs have to be checked. Include the time zone you use

    Tell us what happened.
    Explain the situation you’re reporting.

    Provide us with some proof.
    E.g. Co-ords for grief, screenshots for chat offences, etc

    Additional comments.
    Feel free to add anything not covered.

    Following the submission of your application, it will be reviewed by staff. Please don’t ask if we have seen it. In the meantime, do not harass staff on the forums, TS, or Discord about your submission. Sometimes things have to be looked into which can take some time. Additionally, your side of the story is only one side. We may want to check with the user as well. You will hear back from us shortly.

    If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.

    Good Luck!
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