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July Participation

jordanwilliams2 aOwner posted Aug 2, 16

Hello all,

DifferentCraft would like to thank you for your participation on the server this past month! We would like to reward our top three voters, and top three highest playtime users, as usual. We appreciate your ongoing support and hope everyone will continue to contribute positively to our server! Congratulations to our winners, and good luck to all our users this month!

July Top Voters

In first place, is georgine with 272 votes!

First place recieves a $25 coupon for the donation store.

In second place, is drunkcheetah218 with 250 votes!

Second place recieves a $15 coupon for the donation store.

In third place, is Jaysep with 240 votes!

Third place recieves a $10 coupon for the donation store.

July Top Playtime

In first place, is Jaysep with 309.51 hours!

First place recieves a $15 coupon for the donation store.

In second place, is JarrettEvansBMX with 236.39 hours!

Second place recieves a $10 coupon for the donation store.

In third place, is DrunkCheetah218 with 222.4 hours!

Third place recieves a $5 coupon for the donation store.

Congradulations to our winners once again, you can find your coupons in a private message on enjin.

Following the shocking news we gathered last week, Its appears the search party successfully located Payloss deep inside the island and to our knowledge they brought him back home safely.  It appears all the pirates were slaughtered by the search team and are already dead, however they have risen from the grave. Our ship will set sail this Friday! You will be able to get to the island by doing /warp pirate.

There's tons of things to do there, such as slot machines, and the monsters there drop Mysterious Chests that have all kinds of loot in them. Loot in these chest includes tokens. The tokens can be used at token shops around the island, which have limited time items in them for you to obtain, these items will only be available until the end of this event, so get out there and get some tokens, get some rewards and have fun!

Additionally, we will be doing a 20% off sale on the donation store till the end of the month!

KennyChan Sounds like fun! I cannot wait to be there and see everyone else. :3

Congratulations to our first, second and third place winners of the build competition!


In THIRD place, we have xSaltized! You can view his entry here!


In SECOND place, is Haz246! View his entry here!


And in FIRST place, with a BIG round of applause, Ranoa! You will be able to view their submission yourself in game with /warp PvP!


A big thanks to everyone who participated in DifferentCrafts build competition! We love to see people getting involved and putting their creativity to the test.

Once again, Congratulations to our winners and we hope you enjoy your rewards! You will recieve a private message from Jordan on Enjin laughing  to redeem your prizes. laughing

RageofFred78 GG, super suprised to find out that I came first place, been away for a while but back now. Again, this is mad, congratu...
xSaltized Gg, congratulations to Ranoa for being in first place, and haz246, this challenge had been challenging throughout the wh...
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