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  1. Alice
    Looking for a big new town to join
  2. JHCubes
  3. Dark_cougar
    Dark_cougar Kieranlb05
    Kieran it’s me cougar tell alpa not to delete my bar please it’s special
    1. Kieranlb05
      Ok I guess I will pass on this message
      Feb 21, 2019 at 3:51 AM
  4. Dark_cougar
    Dark_cougar z0mbie_warr1or
    Hi zombie warrior it’s me cougar can u please tell alpa not to sell my bar
  5. Mathias
    Just your average kid.
  6. Alice
    ProjectAlice will end, apperently banned for something called "Bypassing", that's what I get for using neightbour's internet
    1. user6118
      You've been unbanned, sorry for this misunderstanding. ^_^
      Feb 5, 2019
  7. Frances Joyc
  8. Rαʋҽɳ
    Idk how to talk on forums I'm dumb, y'all.
  9. Rαʋҽɳ
  10. user6118
    user6118 Mrfumble
    Yay denmark.
    1. user6118
      danish waffle.
      Jan 23, 2019
  11. Freezy111
    Freezy111 Jordan
    Hi, I purchased donator + two times accidently..i meant to buy donator ++ and it went through...I want to fly that is why I wanted donator ++ . Can you help?
    Thank you
    1. Jordan
      I've refunded you for the donator+ rank ($24.99)
      Jan 25, 2019
  12. Freezy111
    BTW my age is 14...I goofed!
  13. Dark_cougar
    Dark_cougar Jordan
    Please jordan
  14. Dark_cougar
    Dark_cougar Jordan
    Hey Jordan it’s cougar shadow can u please let dorien1st back in
    He has changed I promise please unban him
  15. Dark_cougar
    I’m dark cougar dorien1st is my best friend
  16. Dark_cougar
    Dark_cougar AlpacaplA
    Hi alpa it’s cougar shadow I’m now dark cougar please don’t sell my bar I will be back soon because my laptop broke don’t sell my bar and please make me a high rank lol my bar is my most important thing
    And btw when the server reset did it reset our ranks?
  17. SavannahOBrien1018
    I suppose I would prefer it being quite over it having hundreds of people not stop talking in chat thought
  18. SavannahOBrien1018
    I really like the server even though it's kinda quite sometimes
  19. SavannahOBrien1018
    I've been playing on the server for over a year now
  20. assassinender_
    yeet im banned 4 life