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Custom Enchantments

Discussion in 'Guides, Tutorials, Tips!' started by TheWetNoodle01, Apr 18, 2018.


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  1. TheWetNoodle01

    TheWetNoodle01 New Member

    Apr 2, 2018
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    Necroward: reduce damage taken from undead mobs
    Fatalstrike: chance to land a critical hit (2x damage)
    Nightvision: see in the dark (self explanatory)
    Strength: gain a temporary strength boost against mobs
    Galeburst: a blast of wind pushes your enemy away from you
    Barrier: absorb attacks for a short duration
    Dimension Swap: swap decisions between the enemy you shoot
    Lightning: strikes the target with a bolt of lightning
    Infernal Depths: small chance to fish out a diablo bottle
    Ember Shroud: cloaks you in flames and ignites whoever attacks you
    Beheading: increases chance of getting a players head when you kill them
    Soulbound: the item will remain in your inventory on death and the enchant will be removed
    Speed: gives you a speed boost when boots are equipped
    Till: shovels will create larger paths and hoes will create larger farmland
    Juggernaut: makes you immune to knockback, but durability decreases quicker
    Trawler: receive more fish
    Shadowflay: blinds and confuses your enemy when you hit them
    Arachnoward: take less damage from spiders
    Venom: poison your enemies
    Last Straw: saves tools from breaking but won't allow you to use it until your item is repaired
    Molotov: a burst of flames shoots out around your enemy
    Wild Surge: gives a completely random potion effect

    *To access the enchantment list in-game, use the command: /ce
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  2. OfficiallyPixel

    OfficiallyPixel Donator+

    Mar 28, 2018
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    Thanks for giving us the list of enchantments. I'm fairly new to the server, if you count 2 weeks as new, so this is really helpful!
    This would also be an excellent source for new players to the server to learn about custom enchantments.

    Personally, I never knew there was a command to look at the list of enchantments. Looks like I learned something.

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