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Differentcraft plugin WIKI

Discussion in 'Guides, Tutorials, Tips!' started by Kieranlb05, Jan 6, 2020.

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  1. Kieranlb05

    Kieranlb05 Stay home, Stay safe

    Aug 16, 2017
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    Hello Differentcrafters.
    This section of our site is where you can find all the information about our plugins.

    LWC | Locks

    LWC is the plugin used to lock your chests,
    you can lock a chest using
    /lock and right clicking
    the chest you wish to lock.

    You can also do the following commands:
    /chopper on (enables hoppers)
    /cmagnet on (makes your chest pick up nearby items)
    /cpublic (makes a public protection)
    /cpassword [password] (creates a password protected lock)
    /cunlock [password] (unlocks a password protection)
    /unlock (removes a protection)


    Marriage is the in game way to spend the rest of your life
    with the person you desire, to propose to someone you can
    /marry [playername]

    if this person feels the same way about you they can
    /marry [yourname]
    of course your not stuck with them forever, if you decide you
    no longer like them or they cheat on you! you can always divorce
    them using
    /marry divorce

    Other commands:
    /marry list (shows all the couples)
    /marry tp (teleports to your partner)
    /marry gift (gifts the item in your hand)
    /marry chat (a private chat for you and your partner)
    /marry sethome (sets your marital home)
    /marry home (teleports to your marital home)


    QuickShop is the easy way to sell your items in a chest.
    to sell an item you just
    left click the chest with the item you
    wish to sell and when prompted
    enter the price in chat,
    after pressing enter the shop will appear!

    Theres more (use these while facing the shop you wish to edit)
    /qs price [price] (changes the price)
    /qs delete (removes the shop)
    these can also be found by right-clicking the shop, this brings up
    a menu of tools to edit your shop.


    If you wish to buy from another players shop, just left click the shop and
    when prompted enter the quantity you wish to purchase from this shop.
    In a store and cant find what you need? Use
    /qs find [itemname] and you
    will be directed to the nearest shop selling that item.

    Make sure to keep your shops fully stocked!

    ChatReaction | Unscramble

    ChatReaction is the
    fast paced chat game, when it appears you better be ready
    or else other players may beat you to
    winning the prize.

    when a reaction appears in chat you will need to
    hover over it as prompted, this will show
    a scrambled up word, its your job to type the unscrambled version in chat as fast a possible!
    For example when you hover over it may say
    "acBeno" you simply unscramble this as "Beacon"
    The capitalised letter is always the first one in the word so keep this in mind!
    If you win it will announce you won and how quickly you unscrambled the word, you will automatically

    receive a prize.

    Fast Auctions | Auction

    Auctions are the
    fastest way to sell your item to other online players.
    an auction can be started using
    /auc start [price] this will bring up a
    double chest gui for you to place in the item(s) you wish to sell.
    Auctions will last
    60 seconds and has interval prompts to show that the
    auction is about to end (45 secs, 30 secs and 15 secs)
    To sell an item using auction you will need the merchant rank (see rankup)

    /auc hand [price] (auctions the item in your hand)
    /auc p (previews the item(s) in the current auction)
    /bid [price] (bids on the current auction)
    There is a fee for starting an auction and this is taken regardless of item
    selling for $1 or $10000 and is still taken if the item does not sell at all.


    This plugin does exactly what it says on the the tin, it allows you to use silk touch to pick up spawners (note you can only use this with certain in game or donator ranks)

    You can silk touch any spawner in these worlds;

    - World10 (new world)
    - World (oldest world)
    - The nether
    - The end
    - Mining / resource world

    You cannot silk spawners in World5 (old world) due to the custom terrain having many spawners within it.


    Bookshelves is the
    perfect addition to your enchanting room, it allows you to store items inside of a bookshelf (normally books)

    To get started place a
    vanilla book shelf and just right click it, this will bring up a menu of 9 slots (1 row) which you can store any item(s) inside, these will also work with hoppers.
    There are endless possibilities with this plugin.


    Don't you ever get bored of making the same item over and over every time you need it. Craft no longer with this plugin, it allows you to use a dispenser to make a brilliant time saver.

    To start
    place a dispenser with an item frame on the front, place the item you wish to craft inside the item frame, then place the required ingredients into the dispenser and place a button (or other redstone source) on any side then press it, each time you press the button one of the designated items will be crafted.

    Custom enchants

    Custom enchants are possibly the greatest
    addition to your tools and armour, from giving you a final chance to repair your item to making your item stick with you upon death there's bound to be a custom enchant for everyone.

    To obtain custom enchants you can either randomly get them from bottles (see mythic drops) or you can get them from enchanting books on a level 30 enchantment table.

    For a full list of custom enchants and what they do, use the
    /ce command in game.

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  2. Kieranlb05

    Kieranlb05 Stay home, Stay safe

    Aug 16, 2017
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    This is one of our vital plugins and is a huge part of the server economy, weapons, tools and armour. Mythicdrops allows you to get upgradable tier bottles which you can right click to obtain a random item.
    These items are normally of any type from a fishing rod to a diamond sword and anything in between. The enchants will vary from completely useless (like a sharpness 2 chestplate) to an overpowered sharpness 10 diamond sword.


    Once you obtain a mythic bottle you can save it or open it, if you decide to save it you can upgrade it in the Differentcrafter, for each 4 of one tier you have you can get 1 of the next tier.
    This may take some time to get the best tier items but is truly worth the wait.


    When you use the Crusher you can crush your opened mythicdrops and make them into essence, you will get 1 essence of the items tier for each item you crush (excluding artifact which will give you 2)
    This can then be used in the bottom half of the Differentcrafter menu, 8 essence and 1 glass bottle will make 1 of the essences tier bottle.

    How to obtain

    The easiest way to obtain a mythicdrop item is by killing a naturally spawned aggressive mob.
    They will drop a mythic drop somewhere around 50% of the time, it will be of a random tier and as always may not have the most useful of enchants.
    You will normally get low tier items from mobs so keep this in mind!

    Lifts | Real lifts

    We have 2 plugins on the server that allow you to make elevators to get from one floor of your base to another flawlessly.

    How to make a lift,

    Iron lift.
    Let's start with the basic iron lift, place one iron block on the floor you desire then directly above it place another iron block (this can be between 3 and 14 blocks away)
    Then use space to go up and shift to go down.

    Glass lift.
    The second more fancy style of lift Is the one you can find at spawn (yes you can make this lift) to start place an area of iron or gold blocks on one floor, this can be any size but is normally 2x2 or 3x3 then go to the next floor and place glass directly above it.
    On the wall of each floor place a button 2 blocks up and a sign 3 blocks up. Right click the sign and floors will appear!
    Use the button to operate the lift.
    If you have multiple floors you can change the destination floor by right clicking the sign.
    (Side note iron blocks are slow and gold blocks make your supersonic)


    New or old jobs is probably the easiest way of getting money.
    Join the job you want and work very flexible hours (whenever you want)
    to get started do
    /jobs browse this will show you all of the jobs available.
    then once you have found the job you want just do
    /jobs join [jobname] and start

    You will get XP in a job which will level you up and increase
    the pay per set task, on
    /jobs stats you can see your current level for each job (normally capping at 50)

    other information:
    /jobs info [jobname] (shows how much you will make per set task)
    /jobs leave [jobname] (leaves the desired job, this will reset your XP)
    job cap of $70,000 per day for all your jobs (do /jobs limits to see these limits)

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