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Great Britain and the British Empire

Discussion in 'Everything Towny!' started by Orville, Aug 27, 2020.

  1. Orville

    Orville Leader of the British Empire

    May 30, 2020
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    Welcome to the Forum-Page for the Town 'Great Britain' and its Nation 'the British Empire'. Lead by myself and some local assistants, we offer nation-wide services such as residency, construction, terraforming and market-places, and many many more. We're looking to expand our Nation, and involve more and more towns, to implore a sense of unity and community.

    If you would like to join either the Town or the Nation (on behalf of a Town), please use the below templates and send it direct to my Discord. Lighnin#1487.


    Your IG Name:
    Your IG Balance:
    Your IG /jobs:
    Your IG Skills/Abilities:
    Do you agree to be bound by the laws and regulations of GB?:
    Why do you want to join Great Britain?:
    What will you bring to Great Britain?:


    Your IG Name:
    Your IG Town:
    Do you hold authority to join the Nation?:
    Your town's IG-Bank balance:
    Your Mayor/Co-Mayor's IG Skills/Abilities:
    Why do you want to join the Great Empire?:
    What will you and your town bring to the Great Empire?
    Do you agree to bind your town to the national laws the GE?

    Thank you all for reading, and showing an interest.


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