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How to not get banned

Discussion in 'Guides, Tutorials, Tips!' started by Fluffy, Oct 14, 2017.

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    Aug 25, 2017
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    How to not get banned:
    The Guide

    Do you get punished on Different Craft or other servers and don't know how to not get banned, muted or a warning, then this guide is for you. In this guide were going to talk about ways and examples of how one might get punished, the steps to avoid this and more!

    What is a Warning?

    A warning is a warning, its used to show you that you have done something wrong. A warning may be used as a precaution before actually getting punished, for example, a moderator may warn you for spamming, if you did this again, you would get a further punishment, such as a temp mute. Gaining 5 warnings, will instantly result in you gaining a temp ban. An admin may unban you and change the reason and duration so it looks like you have been punished by a staff member.

    What is a temp Mute?

    A temp mute is a mute that is only for a period of time. This may have been because you have kept on doing something in chat that others are being harassed by and a staff is muting you to think about your actions. During a mute, you are not allowed to talk in anyway, this included: /mail signs and more. If you are in a /ds and need assistance, then tap to them with signs, they will understand and most likely allow you to use signs.

    What is a perm mute

    A perm mute is a mute that does not have any time attached to it. You basically cannot speak in global chat or in any other chats. To get a perm mute, you must have said something really offensive or have a long history of muted. A perm mute can be like a perm ban but that instead you can play but cant talk. A staff member will make the choice between permanently muting you or banning you forever

    What is a temp ban?

    A temp ban is a ban that means you cannot go onto the server and play. This may be used for you to think about your actions about what you do before being allowed back on the server. To get a temp ban you must of repeatedly or done something worthy of deserving a temp ban. A temp bans time can vary depending on the punishment that you have received.

    What is a perm ban?

    A perm ban is a ban that has no time attached to it, meaning you cannot join the server (unless unbanned by staff) If you have gotten a temp ban, you must have done something serious or you may have a long history of bans, mutes, and warnings

    Now lets get onto the main part, how to not get these

    Don't lie about yourself for benefits

    Heres an example, a person joins the server and says that he is a member of a business who wants staff attention, or claims that he is Notch (the creator of minecraft) Lying about yourself wont make you better and will just make you look like a fool.

    Don't use personal issues as an excuse for your behaviour.

    Yes, its okay for someone to say that they passed their grades or that a close relative has died, but acting in a specific way because of this doesn't give you a "Punishment free" Account. Even if you put something in your ban appeal "I'm sorry for acting like this because I was upset" you may not be unbanned because you brought personal issues into the server

    Listen to staff

    This might not get you punished, but listening to staff is like getting advice from someone is experienced and tested to do a specific job. If they tell you to ignore someone, ignore them as it will be beneficial towards you. If you don't listen to staff, you might have a bad relationship and may not try and help you in the future, so its a good idea to listen to staff. Also disrespecting staff if they help you will get you punished.

    Don't believe you will get away with your conduct

    Staff have /socialspy which means they can see all /msg that you send, meaning if you send a message saying you would give something and you don't, you can be punished for it. Also Admins and Jordan can look in logs to find evidence of what you did.

    If your going to trade with someone and you need to leave, tell them that you need to leave and do the deal when you both are online

    This is a big one, if you leave the server and don't come back on and the person has given you the item then it will be considered as scam. If you need to leave, you could say I'm very sorry but I need to go (Reason) could we do this trade another time? You would give the items back and then the person will most likely rearrange the trade

    Don't make a big deal over a punishment

    This is what some people may do. They may take their punishments else where and may start saying stuff about that the punishment is. If you get banned, its just a ban. Its not going to ruin your life. Don't go around on the server saying that your ban was unfair If you think your ban was unfair, you could appeal and say why you think the ban is unfair

    Don't have any sort of Hacks/Mods

    Hacks and mods are basically a program outside minecraft that gives the player an advantage. These can include fly, strength, speed and more. Discovering you have hacks will result in a ban as it is unfair to other players who don't have access to this. The only exception is Donators and people who have unlocked fly. Donators have paid real life money into the server and have got rewarded with fly. The same can be with people who unlock Fly. Hacks are free and dangerous.

    Don't harass people

    Harrassment can be anything from verbally saying something to someone to being in front of them. If someone believes that you are harassing them, they will tell you to stop. If you continue, they will report you. Best way to resolve this can be to ignore them and not going to their town. If you are told to leave a town, leave a town

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  2. User3051

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    Aug 16, 2017
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    Well said! Just a few things you need to fix;

    - It's 6 warnings to get a 2 day ban, not 5. Warnings last 1 week before being reset.

    - If players need help from staff while muted, they are able to speak in tickets with staff, so signs aren't needed. It MUST be a staff related question or issue, or it will be considered abuse of tickets and you'll be warned/banned.

    - Whether you have a bad relationship with staff or not, we're here to help. If someone has a question related to staff, it will be answered no matter the relationship they have. Having broken previous rules or being on bad terms with staff is not a reason for us to ignore you when you have a question/problem. To say we won't help players who don't have a good relationship with us is false.
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  3. cutesheepo

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    Aug 25, 2017
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    I can do this waaay shorter:

    D o n ' t b r e a k t h e r u l e s.

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