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I miss it

Discussion in 'General Discussion!' started by Templarofthewest, Sep 16, 2022.

  1. Templarofthewest

    Templarofthewest New Member

    Dec 16, 2020
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    To anyone reading this, I went by Shockwave in game, or templar. I played this server for years, making so many friends and core memories. I remember spookz, hayden, Sam, ExMafia, Neya, and so much more. The reason for me writing this is, to put it plainly, desperation and saying thank you and goodbye. Thank you to all the awesome people I had the privilege to meet, become friends with and annoy. Thank you to the mods who put up with my constant rule breaking or borderline rule breaking (love you mafia) and who finally put me in my place and banned me on discord. Still mad about that but it was deserved lol. I miss the towns we built and destroyed, the fights we had in the arena, the cheaters we brutally slaughtered, and, I even miss the panic and pain when the server was wiped by a hacker. I miss the community, so so much. I started playing this server in 8th grade, now I'm a senior in highschool. Despite all the amazing moments I've had in my four years of high school, the friends I have and the girlfriend I love, I still come back to check the server. Zero online. This server will always be apart of me, so thank you Jordan, and thank you again everyone. It was the most fun I've had online. I hope you all are living your best lives, having fun, and staying successful. I hate goodbyes but, goodbye. Goodbye everyone.
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