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Ishval! Join Today!

Discussion in 'Everything Towny!' started by Alguy1, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Aug 30, 2017
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    The Staff and Residents of Ishval are inviting you to join our town! Sitting at 145 residents when this post is made Ishval is a massive and friendly town on the server! Here are some highlights of the town!

    The Spawn at Night Surrounded by Parkland and City Services

    The Town Hall

    The Medieval District (WIP)
    Skyscraper Ave.
    The aquatic center. Home to Fish World and the town pool!
    Overview of town
    Some other things the town has are:
    -A mega farm
    -A somewhat working transportation system
    -Very player friendly roads! Roads are all colour coded so you can easily locate where your plot is even if town is big!
    -Forestry District
    -Playershops with a very low tax rate! (none)

    -a spawn tower you can suicide off of (cough cough i mean go really high in)
    Curious about Joining?:
    -Run /t join Ishval and staff will let you know details about town as asked!
    -Third floor of the Ishval spawn has all info relating to plots, prebuilts, districts, and rules!

    Finally, here is a picture of town when it started and town now
    The beginning

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