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MUST READ | DS ticket guide

Discussion in 'Guides, Tutorials, Tips!' started by Kieranlb05, Oct 16, 2017.


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  1. Kieranlb05

    Kieranlb05 Member nearly 3 years
    Staff Member Supervisor

    Aug 16, 2017
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    so i have been a staff member for a little while now and i have noticed something,
    what on the earth is a ds ticket, here i explain what it is and how to use it.

    ok so first off it is a "chat" between you and a staff member that is bold and easy for a staff
    member to read. it also has many benefits to a message or main chat, but kieran how do i use
    or make one.

    the first step is to decide if you actually need a ticket or if this could be answered with /faq
    or /tut, under used commands that will help you more than a staff member ever could.
    of course sometimes things just need that human touch and the command to make a ticket
    is | /ds create [reason] |<- the reason helps with who needs to speak to you so for example
    if you have been griefed do /ds create grief .

    the next step is when you see "staffmember123 is now assisting you" , in most cases they will say hi to make
    sure you didn't make the ticket in the faq menu by mistake (we have all done it)

    this bit is something which is apparently hard for some people so i will try to put it as best as i can

    a ticket is in chat its not an item in game (i have been asked that)

    its another chat if you want to be basic about it, its like any other chat /tc /nc /local /general
    only difference is no one else but you the staff member and an upper staff member can view it
    so you just talk you don't need any commands (you also do not need to message the staff member)
    the ticket is to prevent that then once you are done and all your questions have been solved you can
    then leave the ticket with /ds leave .
    quick tip - no other chats work in a ticket apart from /m /r /tell /msg and /reply also /p works for party
    quick shops show in the ticket and if you are in marry chat it will show a duplicate mesage
    one in marry one in the ticket.

    this next part is important - it is a help chat not a cup of tea and a chat about your day, leave that to pms
    also read this properly, tickets allow you to swear and post links without a filter. this should only be used
    as means of proof not a place to disrespect staff or show them your "fav ever top 10 videos"

    what is ticket worthy:
    questions about commands or the server
    questions about the rules although the website and /rules are more exact
    tp kills
    and any other rule that a player has broken.

    what is NOT ticket worthy:
    prices of items
    asking for money
    asking for a town
    bypassing a mute (unless appealing it)
    applying for staff
    and any other non-staff related questions or things that a staff member cant help with eg
    spawning in items or tping you to where you died (we cant do those things anyway)
    also suggestions for the server please use the forums.

    also ds tickets get your questions answered faster than spamming chat or pm-ing staff
    i hope this helps, i will leave comments turned on so you can ask questions and i will respond
    or another staff member will. kieran

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