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My Recommended Mods

Discussion in 'General Discussion!' started by prawnsonastick, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. prawnsonastick

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    Jan 12, 2022
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    Hello! Whether you are a new player or an old player looking to get a bit more out of your game, I have compiled the list of mods I use, which either make the game a bit easier or more enjoyable to play.

    Mouse Tweaks

    I have SamaelStar to thank for this one. Do you find yourself endlessly sorting out your storage chests? Constantly clicking each individual item and getting frustrated with how much stuff you have to sort? Well fear not, because Mouse Tweaks allows you to easily take everything from one inventory and place it into another. The most applicable useage of this mod is when sorting through Diablo Drops. All those items in the hopper that you have to less than 5 seconds they can all be in your inventory and ready to crush. SAVES HOURS of your time, trust me.


    A necessary addition to all interested in how far texture packs can go. Optifine goes well with a lot of texture packs and can actually add some elements, such as texture blending - texture variation, just to name a few. My texture pack (Mizuno's Craft 16) features differently textured animals, item thumbnails also change in regards to their value (such as arrows, which vary from a singular arrow if there is 1, to a quiver of arrows if they are stacked).

    Note: Optifine can be run as a mod if you drag it into the mod folder once installing Forge - this lets you run Optifine with more flexibility as opposed to just running Optifine as a version of Minecraft from the launcher.

    Dynamic Surroundings

    Have you ever noticed how quiet Minecraft is? No really - it is deadly quiet. This mod changes all of that. The range of sounds in this mod can be described as no less than remarkable. This mod is biome specific, when you're up the tallest mountain or on the sandiest shore, you will hear ambience relating to your environment. Not only that, but this mod adds foosteps which change depending on what material you are stood on, as well as adding strong audio to when you equip or swing certain tools. It also adds echos for when you are in vast buildings! One of the things I love about this mod is that you can hear how much equipment a player has on. It adds a metallic clinking when you are wearing armour and makes your footsteps slightly heavier. So, should your line of sight with another player be broken, you'll be able to know if they have armour on by the sounds of their footsteps. It is honestly on another level you guys, and you really need to try it. It adds BIRDS. Well, the sound of birds anyway. Whether it's floorboards creaking or seagulls screaming, this mod definitely warrants a try.

    Vanilla Tweaks

    This website serves as a "everything you didn't know you'd need" website about the various things in Minecraft. There are ALOT of things you can browse through on this website, that change minor annoyances about the game. One of the best mods on this website, which I have MRBread_ to thank for, is the Visual Note Block Pitch. This INSTANTLY lets you see what note your note block is without needing to smack it, as it has the note on the side of each of block surfaces, letting you easily log a tune or replicate a tune found on the internet. But there are so many other mods you can browse for. The website has a very nice feature in which you can add all of the mods you want into a cart and download them all as one .zip file, which is really useful.

    Well that's my roundup. I see a lot of people get bored with Minecraft, but with some of these mods I hope you can just enjoy some of the more simpler aspects of the game. There's something about taking a walk in a forest, hearing the wind going through the trees or seeing the gravel path gradually lose it's stones to the grassy ground, that really makes Minecraft worth playing. I enjoy these mods really, quite a lot so I hope I can share some of the tools that help my experiences, with you to have moments of your own.

    If you have any other mods you recommend, comment them down below!

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