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The Perfect Brew (Brewery Plugin Guide & Recipes)

Discussion in 'Guides, Tutorials, Tips!' started by User3051, Aug 25, 2017.

  1. User3051

    User3051 New Member

    Aug 16, 2017
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    The Perfect Brew

    Been getting a lot of questions about the brewery plugin, so figured it'd be easier to post some information here that people can refer to! I'll be making a book in game for easier accessibility with the following information.

    First off, brewery is a plugin on the server that allows you to brew, ferment and distill ingredients to create alcoholic beverages, soups, and coffee. These drinks will actually make you drunk, and depending on the potency of the alcohol, your 'symptoms' will vary. Drunk people will stagger, puke, and even pass out if you drink too much. [passing out bans you from the server for 15minutes, don't panic, it's just for fun. no need to appeal.]

    NOTE: I've made some edits based on feedback from the old site. Hopefully this is easier to follow.

    Distillx1 - Put the bottles into the brewing stand.
    Distillx2 - Do the above, and repeat once.
    Distillx3 - Do the above, and repeat twice.
    Distillx[Whatever, you get the point right?]
    Age - Put the bottles into the barrel to age it. Years is equivalent to IRL hours.
    Cook Time: How long you leave the ingredients in the cauldron for. [Use a clock and right click the cauldron to see how long it has been boiling.]
    Alcohol Level - Toxicity level [The higher, the more 'drunk' you will be.]
    Potion Affects - Will be listed above alcohol level.
    Cauldron - To add ingredients right click the cauldron with the item in your hand. Make sure if the recipe calls for multiple items, you right click it the EXACT number of times. (E.g. 6 sugarcane, right click the cauldron 6 times with 6 sugarcane.)

    Starting off with brewery, you are going to need the following:
    - Water source
    - Bucket
    - Cauldron(s)
    - Planks, stairs, fences, signs [You can use any kind of wood, however some drinks will require specific types.]
    - Clock
    - Bottles
    - A range of ingredients listed in the recipes below.
    - Flint & Steel or Lava [If you're using flint and steel, you will also need netherrack.]
    - Brewing Stand
    - Glowstone Dust

    Step 1: Setting Up Your Brewery
    After you've gathered the required materials, you'll have to build the required items. This can be done anywheres you want, however keep in mind it involves fire/lava so preferably an area where you can toggle firespread off.

    - Start by setting up the cauldron. You will need to place fire or lava below the cauldron. If you choose to use fire, place the netherrack for infinite flame. If you're in a town, you will need to toggle firespread o to be able to light it, but make sure you toggle it off immediately again or you risk burning anything flammable (/plot toggle fire). Place the cauldron on top of the fire/lava and fill it with water using your bucket from the water source. [Each cauldron will let you make 3 drinks.] This will be used to make the alcohol.
    - Build the barrels you need. There is a small and large version of the barrel, see the below image for a layer by layer build guide. [Size won't matter, it just gives more inventory space to store the alcohol. The small barrels are more convenient IMO, but larger barrels may be more aesthetically pleasing.] The barrels will be used to age your drinks.
    - Place a brewing stand and add glowstone dust to the ingredient slot. This will be used to distill.

    Step 2: Determining What To Make

    There are set recipes for certain alcohol, I'll be leaving the recipes below. You may also decide to create your own recipes by mix matching the ingredients, cook time, distil time, and ageing. Let me know what you come up with! Let me know if you want it added to the below recipes.

    Note: I've removed the recipes from this section due to the amount. For the sake of not having to scroll if this isn't what you're looking for, I've provided them below in a separate post.

    Step 3: Making It Happen!
    - To begin, hold the ingredient in your hand and right click the cauldron however many times you need to. [Each click consumes one item.]
    - Right click the cauldron with the clock and keep an eye on the time. When it reaches its cook time, right click the cauldron with the empty bottles.
    - If you need to distil, put the items into the brewing stand as you would any other potion. This has to be done prior to ageing if it's called for in the recipe.
    - If you need to age it, right click the barrel and put the items into it. You can hover over the drink while its in there to determine how long it's been aged.

    Step 4: Drink Up!
    - Drunkenness may cause your screen to swirl, blindness, vomiting (soul sand), and loss of control of your character.
    - If you drink too much, you'll pass out for 15 minutes! [You'll be temp banned - don't worry, you've done nothing wrong, it's just for fun! You'll 'wake up' and be unbanned within 15 minutes.]
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  2. User3051

    User3051 New Member

    Aug 16, 2017
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    If you don't want to be provided with the recipes and would rather discover them on your own through trial and error, ignore this post.

    10 Potatoes
    Cook time: 15 Minutes
    Distill x3
    Alcohol Level: 20

    13 Sugarcane
    Cook Time: 5 Minutes
    Distill x2
    Fire Resistance
    Alcohol Level: 30

    Strong Absinthe
    15 Grass
    Cook Time: 3 Minutes
    Distill x6
    Alcohol Level:45

    Golden Mead
    6 Sugarcane
    Cook Time: 3 Minutes
    Age: 4 Years
    Alcohol Level: 9

    Sweet Golden Apple Mead
    6 Sugarcane
    2 Apples
    Cooking Time: 4 Minutes
    Age: 4 Years

    Fine Beer
    6 Wheat
    Cook Time: 0 Minutes
    Age: 3 Years
    Alcohol Level: 6

    Wheat Beer
    Cook Time: 0 Minutes
    Age: 2 Years
    Alcohol Level: 5

    Dark Beer
    6 Wheat
    Cook Time: 8 Minutes
    Age: 8 Years
    Barrel: Spruce
    Alcohol Level: 7

    3-12 Coca Beans
    2 Milk
    Cook Time: 2 Minutes

    Potato Soup
    5 Potatoes
    3 Grass
    Cooking Time: 3 Minutes

    NOTE: These are the recipes to get the highest quality alcohol. If you do a step wrong, it will be weaker and possibly have more negative affects.

    Feel free to leave your recipes below!
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  3. SLOF12

    SLOF12 New Member

    Sep 23, 2017
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    Thanx 4 this guide! What would we do without you ;)
  4. CringyPanda820

    CringyPanda820 DaKingNamedPanda

    Jan 27, 2018
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    if you got to /t spawn kingscastle they have a guuide there too
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  5. SLOF12

    SLOF12 New Member

    Sep 23, 2017
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    Big thanx guys!

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