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United Empires

Discussion in 'Everything Towny!' started by Kieranlb05, May 13, 2019.

  1. Kieranlb05

    Kieranlb05 Member nearly 3 years
    Staff Member Supervisor

    Aug 16, 2017
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    Welcome to United Empires, a nation that has unlimited possibilities.

    About us.
    Founded in 2019 we are the only nation to have excellent customer care, when you join one of our hand picked and friendly partners will be able to assist you with your every need. Created by Kieranlb05 and Duckie, we have over 4 years of towny experience between us.

    Why join?
    When you join, you get 140 towny bonus blocks as standard, that's 140 more chunks that your town can claim! Here at UE we pride ourselves with our amazing reputation, with over 30 towns joined so far, we are the fastest growing nation.

    Are we active?

    Yes, with an average percentage of 60 percent of the players online in our nation we are the most active nation. Plus we have a friendly nation chat where you can catch up with all the members of your favourite towns!


    If you are worried about toxic players ruining your fun, our expert partners will soon have them kicked from the nation in no time, we work closely with all our towns to remove toxic players as fast as possible. We also have strict guidelines, allowing only friendly towns to join us.

    What are you waiting for? With endless possibilities. UE can help you start your town.

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  2. MrPorpiose

    MrPorpiose Grand Duke of Anaheim
    Helper Staff Member

    Feb 10, 2019
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    Great Nation! Highly Recommend!

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