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Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Approved' started by Yolonium, Apr 11, 2019.

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  1. Yolonium

    Yolonium New Member

    Apr 11, 2019
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    IGN: Yolonium

    When i was banned: 11-04-2019 Approximately 09.00

    Banned by: Jordan

    Offence: It said that i was "auto botting"

    Why i should be unbanned: I did not know that this was a bug? How was i supposed to know? I see that if its a bug, then it should not be exploited, but i did not know it was a bug? Would it not be fair with a warning instead? Honestly i had no intentions of going towards the rules..
    Is there nothing i can do?
  2. Kieranlb05

    Kieranlb05 Resident MoneyBags
    Staff Member Supervisor

    Aug 16, 2017
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    After a review of your appeals.
    We have decided to unban you, but your balance is now set to 0.

    I didn't explain before, Your ban was mostly because of the ago botting. If you were not Botting you would have got away with a warning.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 11, 2019
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