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Hello from the Gaming Gothmog (GeneralGothmog)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by GeneralGothmog, Jun 17, 2020.


Hello! Have you met me and interacted with me (GeneralGothmog) on DifferentCraft?

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  1. GeneralGothmog

    GeneralGothmog Dark Lord of Middle Earth

    Jun 10, 2020
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    Hello all and good morning, afternoon, day, evening, or night to you as it has been my experience that there are quite a few different time zones people are in that are on the server, so I will try to hit all of them. If none of the above meets your current situation of time, well my apologies , I hope you enjoy your undefined time then. Anyways I guess, a little about me and my time on the server next.
    Intro Note
    So I have been playing on the server for basically a month now, 30 days, and I find it to be a lot of fun! Mcmmo, Slimefun, Towny, Custom Enchants, Custom Achievements, Ranks, and a lot of cool other items, whats not to like? Overall I've found my time to be engaging and fun, especially with my town, who I all consider very cool people. Like cool cool, ice cold even.
    A little about me in Minecraft
    I guess the next thing to note is well I really enjoy the building aspect of minecraft and consider myself a ok builder. I've been playing minecraft since about 2011 as well, so 9 years, to this day I am still rather buns at redstone I will admit. I am average at PvP these days, but do have some experience with commands and all in minecraft, from past servers I have run with my friends.
    The town I am in
    Back to the town thing I guess, you should all check out the town I am in if you ever feel like doing some exploring, its called Rhodesia so do /t spawn Rhodesia to get there! We have a solid core of many active players too that are constantly building up the town, and constantly vibing. Including but not limited to, myself, TheMajesticAlex, ADHDoritos, Rosealena, 2Young, currylicker, Platinum_Dragon1, BananaPigs, Cassie37966, macancheese_, Red_27, 5StarGummy, JSJennyJS, postinspector, Isolated_Panda, __Zaps, 21speder02, KuraiKokoro, Yui_Chan101, lemonpretzel, and JustGreg. We have many cool builds in progress, and many you can already see! Some landmarks to look out for are Alex Manor, being constructed by Cassie for the leader of the town. The Club, built by Red and Panda. The Church, built by Cassie. Pandas basement, built by Panda. IshTam Tower, formerly owned by IshTam but now an embassy to another town, I can't remember who owns it, but we just call it IshTam tower in town chat anyway! You can also check out a challenging maze, being built by postinspector down the road from another thing you can check out, Wisher castle. Started by an old player TheWish3r who has since left but his castle remains preserving his legacy. Rosealenas secret basement is also a very nice build too! For a few final things you can check out while in town, be sure to look for 5StarGummy's plot, as it has a very nice build on it, on top of Cassies house plot, which is also super nice! For a mega build, in the north east of town you can find a 5x5 (80 by 80) being built up by Platinum_Dragon1. The roads are also quite nice, designed and mainly built up by TheMajesticAlex. If you need help navigating the town, there is a map in /t spawn that was put there and assembled by ADHDoritos, and Rosealena. Also, we have an anime club house, built by Mac.
    Commercial and Business Notes and Operations on the server
    Now I guess for some commercial things and shoutouts to Rhodesian businesses you can visit, cause hey, advertising! Down the main street in Rhodesia you can find such commercial attractions as these, The Tavern, IshTam Tower Shops, Rosealenas Secret Basement Banner and Outfit shop, and a planned Slimefun Talisman and Magical Gadget shop that may be in Wisher Castle. For a few other shops you may run into off the main commercial road, there will eventually be a Dye shop being built by ADHDoritos and Rosealena in the south west district. I also eventually plan to have a Slimefun gadget shop in the north east district, where I will sell such things as solar panels, automatic ignition chambers, output chests, small capacitors, solar panels, magnesium power generators, and electric sifting pans. For businesses owned by the town but outside of it, you can visit /t spawn fructose to see another Rhodesian Tavern, owned and stocked by ADHDoritos and built by me, mostly, the roof was done by ADHD.
    Thank you Note
    For a final note to make I would just like to say thank you to __Zaps for bringing me onto the server. There is a certain story about how I came to be here, but that story will be put on display in my future shop, and house and is not finished yet, but you can check it out soon!
    So thank you all, and I hope to see you all other there ingame!
    Go make a difference, and enact your dreams. For no one has dreams exactly like yours, and no one ever will. - Myself (kinda I mean someone else has probably said it throughout human history xD)

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