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I got more ideas for the server

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by bever46, Jan 4, 2019.


Good ideas or no?

Poll closed Jan 11, 2019.
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  1. bever46

    bever46 Daydreamer *Kimi No Sei Kimi No Sei*

    Aug 25, 2017
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    Hello I think the server is doing good for now but I think it could be fun to add some more fun stuff.

    My ideas:
    Datapack already talked about this one, you can change crafting recipes to add more, add new function without new players downloading anything. Check my post for more info. (Before posting I see people had about same idea as me)

    Pets following you. I am aware the server got mypets and that works yes, but I would like more pets. Maybe a gorilla, duck, zebra or something like that. I think that would be cool idea and also it could maybe be avaible on the store. There is a plugin with already that on the spigot forums I think.

    Parkour warp? This is just if people get bored they can try some parkour.

    More events, I don't mean /warp events but just some new events. A event idea could be one week there is 1.5x money you get from one specific job. Maybe a double Mcmmo weekened?

    Luckyblocks: I saw this on the forums already so I am not taking credit for this.

    Bigger market at spawn: This is also on the forums so not taking credit for this either.

    Quests? I guess this could take some work to get but it would be cool if you had a quest like: Kill x amount of mobs/craft something then you get a *NEW* boss egg and when you spawn it people on the server could kill it for items like Diablo bottles.

    New crates. I thinking about Slimefun specificly. We all know slimefun is not working properly so adding items such as wind staff, maybe a crate for custom enchanted books like Beheading, speed.

    A new command: /Display. It acts like a virtual player chest but it's only 9 slots. This command would let a player display items they want to show other players but they can't remove the item while it's displayed.
    Example if this was added: I would do /display player and I could see items the player was showing.

    Custom enchanting (Not new enchants). I know you can use color codes to rename a sword, I think it could be cool if you could add a description on a item.

    Silk touching spawner optional method. Instead of using custom pickaxes to mine a spawner you could maybe use a silk touch pickaxe but pay a fee to get the spawner.

    More titles/event paintings: I know alot of people want them.
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  2. KongAlex111

    KongAlex111 King of Kattegatt, History addict.

    Dec 2, 2018
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    Perhaps all of these ideas should be taken to consideration for the upcoming world when 1.14 is released. I do especially like the silk touch spawner idea which could be beneficial for people who do not have enough green gems to purchase a custom pick.
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  3. Drea

    Drea Queen of DifferentCraft
    Moderator Staff Member

    Aug 25, 2017
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    idk about everything else but silk touch is a thing, and always has been a donator perk.
    The only reason why you can use it in the main world but can in the others is because of
    the custom biome map we have also came with a ton of spawners [like in towers and such]
    which would have obviously destroyed the spawner market.
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  4. bever46

    bever46 Daydreamer *Kimi No Sei Kimi No Sei*

    Aug 25, 2017
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    I got an idea if the pickaxe idea would become a thing. Let's say a green gem is 900$ (example). Then If you would mine a spawner that costs 5green geems you would pay to mine it 5400$. My idea is only to make it optional but a little bit more expensive.

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