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New pics for new projects.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Sammy7s7, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Sammy7s7

    Sammy7s7 New Member

    Aug 6, 2018
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    So at the gem shop we have pics to use on spawners if you want to pic them up in old world and new world. Old old world you don't need the pics if you have the count rank and a silk touch. Those pics however, are limited to pig, cow, sheep, chicken, skeletons, zombies, spiders (does that apply to regular and cave), blazes and witches. These are obviously the most common but you can still acquire or make spawners for rabbits, horses, zombie horses, squids, ocelots, bats, wolves, villagers, mooshrooms, magma cubes, slimes, pigmen, guardians, silverfish, llamas, and polar bears and there is no way to pic them up. I may have missed some. I didn't see anything for skeleton horses.

    My suggestion is an all purpose pic for these other spawners. I know it will rarely see any use because of how rarely these other spawners will be used. I know you, likely Jordan, will not want to make this pic because it will be rarely used. I wish you would do it anyway. I have or can make spawners for villagers, bats, rabbits, wolves, guardians, ocelots, wolves, and silverfish. The biggest reason I don't do anything with them is because if I make a mistake, I'm screwed. I usually make plenty of mistakes or find that I'm not getting the result I wanted. If I can't move the spawners then I can't justify the risk of the project. If I had a way, even it the cost was steep, to move them I could relax and work on the project with a reduced sense of risk.

    How does 100 green gems sound? I know that doesn't seem like a lot since the villager egg is 300 gems but after you spend 300 gems on the egg and then use it on a spawner if you have to move it, another 100 gems is really going to hurt. For the other spawners it seems like a lot but since you can use it on so many spawners the cost is fine given the utility. Its fine to keep it one use per pic. I wouldn't make it more than 100 gems because the price will feel to high not worth the effort of doing the project.

    Thank-you for your consideration.

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