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PixelCity's very own Operating Subway Station

Discussion in 'Share your builds' started by OfficiallyPixel, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. OfficiallyPixel

    OfficiallyPixel Donator+

    Mar 28, 2018
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    Hello! Me and my friend, 3LM0_ have built a very nice subway station that works to transport our Town's Citizens to the shop, information building, and more!

    It took us about 1-3 days, I'm not really sure because I just got the idea to showcase it.
    We built this subway station because we wanted our town to be unique and different from everyone else's. It's pretty fun to take a minecart and ride and see some neat things. You can change your path before you leave, so if you wanted to go to the shop instead of the information building you could switch a lever. We built this for a quicker, easier way to transport players and citizens to locations that would normally take a while to walk to. We wanted to build this to have something to show for our town, oh and our town is completely underground!

    Now you probably want to see the images of it. Well, here they are!

    Please note we aren't close to finishing the subway station. We have only built the information area and we still have to build the shop and a lot of other town needs.

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