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Shulker Boxes (Again!)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Aflakk, May 13, 2019.

  1. Aflakk

    Aflakk Member

    Aug 24, 2017
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    It's time for another of my bi-yearly suggestions to make Shulker Boxes obtainable on the server again. I know I'm just going to get the same 'but the economy' response I always do, but I'm still going to do this anyways. So here we go, these are some of my suggestions for ways to get Shulker Boxes again.

    Gemshop - As we know from the past year, plugins that are being run on the server won't always last forever. So, along with the Slimefun backpacks, there could also be Shulker Boxes sold at the Gemshop as well. These boxes should cost more (~a full stack) or gems, or at least as low as the current backpack cost (49 gems). This would give players the alternative to purchase Shulker Boxes for their compact storage solutions instead of backpacks, which we don't know how long they'd last with the ever-updating world of Minecraft. Players could spend more gems, and give up a bit of the inventory space, for the tried-and-true vanilla storage of Shulker Boxes for the safety of not being able to lose it if some freak accident happens with the Slimefun plugin.

    Mall/Donator Shop - I know this one is iffy since it could technically be an infinite source of Shulker Boxes, but I see it as the opposite. It could instead be used as a 'hard-cap' to the cost/inflation of the current supply. By giving them a high cost (~$100k-$200k), this would put an upper limit to the cost of Shulker Boxes, while still being affordable with a modest amount of gameplay (2-3 days of jobs cap). This would also give those willing to sell theirs a reassurance that they wouldn't be missing out of any future income by the rampant inflation caused by the ever-decreasing supply that there currently is.

    Vote Rewards -Pretty straightforward; add Shulker Boxes to the vote crate. This could give new incentive for long time players to continue to vote to get their hands on some Shulker Boxes after their interest in any of the other items has long but vanished (can only get so many Uncommon bottles before you've just had enough and don't bother with it anymore). They could be given a rarity similar to Spawn Eggs/the Elytra, so they aren't too impossible to get (like seriously, has anyone even won more than 1 Mythic Key!?), but still rare enough to have a high value placed to it. Or alternatively, they could be a Vote Point reward instead, for those who already have purchased everything they wanted from the Points Shop (jobs, towny blocks, etc) and have no further incentive to vote for points.

    Weekly Chest - I feel like this has been long over-due for an update, and some new items added to it. What the weekly chest contains now just doesn't feel too 'rare' for most players who regularly play. This is also a nice way to control the flow of new boxes into the server, as the rarity/time availability between each chance to get one could be long enough to not just completely overrun the server with 100's of Shulker Boxes in a matter of days. Plus, this has the added benefit of being accessible to everyone to hope to get, and not only as a benefit to the long term, more affluent members of the server.

    These are just some of my suggestions for ways to make Shulker Boxes obtainable again. If you have any others, feel free to leave a comment below, or go necro one of my older suggestions if you prefer those ideas more (damn, how time flies. My last one was way back in October).
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  2. RB101

    RB101 New Member

    May 27, 2020
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    Why not just create a recourse end world, that gets reset ever so often?

    Or, use a Shulker respawn datapack?

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