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TheCleverDragon's Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Appeal Your Punishments Here' started by Vault77, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Vault77

    Vault77 New Member

    Dec 5, 2018
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    What is your IGN?
    Think it was TheCleverDragon at the time. Now it is Gypsum

    When were you punished?
    9 Months ago on the 3rd.

    Who by?

    What offence did you commit?
    The Real reason I was banned, not what it says currently, Was advertising. A rather malicious advertisement toward differentcraft, ill admit.

    Why should we accept your appeal?
    Honestly I dont ever think I will be appealed, But heres why Im asking. You're about to receive so much honesty from me at this time. I made so many friends in my time playing here. I grew within the servers society, and worked my way to Moderator. Where I failed, and what I regret the most, is letting the power go to my head. Thinking I can take people to my own server, I can run what Jordan has, a very successful server that people like me think about 9 months later. This was the best experience I had on any server, differentcraft, The fun, and excitement of playing. I messed that up, And I lost so many friends, and made so many enemies when I gave up on it. As far as my appeal, I never plan on Applying for staff, I never plan on talking with the people I ran off with months ago, I never plan on hurting the community, and You can bet I will never say a word about what happened back then. The people who ran off with me, are enemies of me. The power has gone to their head, as it went in mine. We are in zero contact, and I want to keep it that way. In all honesty, I miss grinding for mythic items, taking my chances with relics, and seeing other people show their awesome gear in chat. I miss it all. You dont have to accept my appeal, but please, accept my apology, for the actions I took cannot be reversed, but Know that I genuinely Feel bad and think of how my ill decisions still haunt me to this day. Thank you.

    Additional comments.
    After exploring forums on why I was banned again for ban evading, I see my step sister tried to play on the server. Genuinely, She is my step sister we live together. If you look up HostileNarwhal on youtube you can see that its clearly not me, unsure about other proof thats all I got besides taking a pic of my room and hers. Tolkie assumed it was me, but forgot about the sibling rule. Thats what I have to say about clearing that up.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018

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